Interior maintenance

For work indoors you must use battery powered or manual push-powered means which do not emit exhaust fumes.

We offer a wide range of battery powered or hybrid GENIE lifts with up to 16m working height and TRACCESS Self-propelled platforms with lithium batteries that can reach a working height of 17 m or 23m.

Main features:

  • compact, to take up less space on the road or on the works site
  • absolute verticality with a single command, to work with ease, optimize working time and make ” plumb-line movements” in relation to walls (raise and lower the basket following a straight vertical line perpendicular to the ground)
  • cables and catenaries are inside the boom, eliminating the risk of getting caught and causing damage to property or to the platform
  • lightness of the means, also for working on ceilings and delicate floors
  • long lasting lithium batteries