New B-Lift 165: evolution revolution

CTE announces the launch of a new aerial platform for its B-Lift telescopic range: 16,5 m of working height, max capacity 250 kg. B-Lift 165 is born and it’s the first model of a new telescopic truck-mounted aerial platforms range for light duty chassis up to 27 m of working height.

Starting from the winning features of B-Lift 162, this new product is an evolution-revolution for the CTE telescopic range.

Evolution for the transition from 3mm steel Domex to 2 mm steel Strenx, continuing the fruitful collaboration with the Swedish steel producer SSAB (recently CTE has received “My inner Strenx” certification, for more info:

Furthermore there is the revolution applied to the electrical and hydraulic systems with the introduction of a can bus management system and a new hydraulic management system. The easy user interfaces of this platform are the same of the truck-mounted articulated range ZED, with fully proportional electro-hydraulic controls, engine speed variable depending on the used maneuvers, smooth maneuvers with acceleration and deceleration ramp, electric PTO. An innovative remote console is housed in a specific compartment on the platform. To simplify the management of the service, it has been studied a diagnostic common to other CTEplatforms (ZED, TRACCESS, B-LIFT).

The chassis has been completely redesigned and presents a new IOTS system (integrated oil tank system) which provides housing oil tank in the rear beam.

The total weight of the platform is less than 3200 kg. Mounted on Nissan Cabstar NT 400, the platform’s height is less than 3000 mm. Stabilization is HS+HS, also in shape.

To facilitate the operators’ movements, basket access has been lowered 120 mm compared to the previous B-Lift versions.
The basket is available in Alu or fiberglass basket, the rotation is equal to 65°+65°. Turret rotation ± 200°.

CTE presents the new B-Lift range starting from this first “userfriendly” platform, to approach the rental companies and final users markets with a solution that perfectly reflects the CTE Work Becomes Easy” philosophy.
CTE was born in 1981 and offers to the international market a range of more than 50 aerial platforms from 12 to 62 m of working height belonging to 4 different brands: B-LIFT and B-LIFT HIGH RANGE (telescopic truck-mounted aerial industrial platforms from 14 to 61 m of working height), ZED (articulated truck-mounted aerial platforms from 14 to 32 m of working height), TRACCESS (self-propelled track-mounted aerial platforms from 13 to 23 m of working height) and B-FIRE (fire fighting and rescue aerial platforms from 22 to 62 m of working height).