41 m of working height for removals: a truck-mounted platform special edition for the Italian company Grillo Traslochi

When a famous and experienced company from removal sector needs a special platform for working at height with special features, CTE is ready to meet the customer requests with a truck-mounted platform “special edition” for removal. We’re talking about the Italian company Grillo Antonino from Milan, active since 50 years ago, and about the truck mounted platform B-Lift 410 High Range.
41 m of working height, 22,5 m of outreach, 600 kg of capacity, jib, variable stabilization and other features conceived for removal needs.
The company owner, Mr Giovanni Grillo, said “We have chosen CTE for their versatility in studying and realizing the platform, according to the demands and needs of our work. Moreover, we benefit of a customer care service h24, 7 days 7, also with remote control, to resolve any anomalies”.
But how it has been structured this „special“ project?
The subframe has been realized with the aim to support the platform and the stabilizers’ loading, assuring maximum comfort also with maximum loading in the basket and maximum outreach. The turret can rotate 360° continuous. The main boom, composed by 4 telescopic section with simultaneous release, protects inside all the cables, to avoid collisions with other objects.
The basket is the most customized element of the platform: it is equipped with a front sliding opening expressly studied for the removal operators (exclusively for material loading and unloading). In order to ensure that the load onto the basket never exceeds the limits compatible with the current outreach and in any case never exceeds 600 Kg, the platform has been equipped with 2 loading sensing device always connected with the automatic control system of the entire aerial platform. The basket is also equipped with 4 ultrasonic sensors able to detect the presence of obstacles frontally and below the basket (i.e. walls, balconies, roofs or cornices) that enable the opening of the central gate only when they are active. To protect the operators, there is also a rainshelter.
In the controls there is a special “memory function” that allows to save a possible configuration of movements and then replicate it exactly several times in succession, for example, for repetitive operations as from the ground to a balcony.
And how this special platform will be used?
Giovanni Grillo has explained: “We’ll use the B-Lift 410 High Range to move furniture especially in attics, dormers, terraces or in places where working with removal lifts is not allowed for obstacles (i.e. balconies in floors adjacent to eaves, gutters, roofs), and also in situation when the final working place is not perpendicular or parallel to the starting point. One of the peculiarities of our new platform is the possibility to program a path to be repeated from position „A“ to position „B“, very useful for us for the repetitive movements. Then we have the self closing and self opening of the machine, and the automatic stabilization. All these features make it easier and faster to use the machine, as in our daily work we often repeat the same tasks many times”.
“The removal of tranquility” is the company slogan. And we spontaneously say: perfect with our “work becomes easy”!
More details about our B-Lift High Range: