CTE delivers to Elevateur Srl a CTE B-LIFT 510 High Range


Since 1995, Elevateur Srl deals with sales and rental of aerial platforms, earth moving machines and self-lifting scaffolding. With the headquarter in Nola (Naples) on 6.500 sqm area and a fleet of more than 240 facility, Elevateur offers also a capillary after sales service in Cassino and Battipaglia (Southern Italy) and with GV3 (Gruppo Venpa 3) in Italy.
Elevateur is CTE dealer for Campania, Molise and Calabria (Southern Italy regions), and is a CTE service center too. The 80% of the fleet is composed by CTE and Genie platforms.
At the beginning of January, Elevateur received a truck-mounted platform CTE B-LIFT 510 High Range mounted on Iveco Stralis. Characterized by its compact design combined with latest technology, CTE B-LIFT 510 High Range is ideal to operate in areas which require performance excellence.
Mr Marco Scarano, Elevateur Srl company administrator, declares: “We’ve chosen this model for the compactness of the aerial platform, mounted on a 3 axles truck. Then, having already a CTE B-LIFT 390 High Range in the fleet that has always given us great satisfaction, we decided to continue with the reliability of the CTE High Range product. In fact, our 39 meters in over 6 years of activity required only three maintenance interventions by the parent company, managed in our headquarters thanks to the diagnostic system that can be handled remotely„.
Regarding the main features of this model, Mr Scarano says: “We’re fascinated by the new S3 Smart Stability System that allows a smart management of the stabilization area: thanks to S3 there’s no limit to stabilization! Therefore, the increased basket capacity of 600 kg will satisfy all our customers, firstly in the construction and industrial sector, then for wind power and mobile phone pylons”.
The cooperation with CTE started in 1989 and continued in all these years with excellent results, as says Mr Scarano: “Today we’re the first national dealer for CTE for sales and numbers of platforms. We usually participate at the industrial and sales choice of new products. The support of an experienced area manager like Giovanni Sabbatani has contributed strongly to our commercial growth. His perseverance is recognized by the entire sales force and his contribution is sometimes decisive in negotiations with important customers„.


CTE B-LIFT 510 High Range reaches 50.7 m of working height, 35 m of max outreach and 600 kg of max capacity. The sub-frame design ensure maximum working comfort.

The platform has a control station in the turret with 2 joysticks and a 7’’ color display. The controls are proportional to high accuracy and each command can be activated individually or simultaneously. All the controls are of type „dead-man device button”. Also the basket controls present the same features.

S3 Smart Stability System allows to position the stabilizers as you need: totally open, open in any position, closed. A system that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, basket load and geometry, automatically, and allows the user of to taking advantage of the full potential of each type of platform, irrespective of the vehicle characteristics on which it is mounted or the geometry of its superstructure. The S3 system, first of all, reduces development and testing time, provides highly repeatable performances under equal environmental conditions, stabilizers position, placement conditions and loading, offering a user-friendly and intuitive operating mode for the user.

In compliance with the Machinery Directive and the application standard for Aerial Platforms, numerous safety devices are installed: interlock device for aerial maneuvers / stabilizers to lock the arm in case of incorrect stabilization; control of the outreach to allow movements to permitted working positions; automatic smooth stop to avoid sudden stops of movements; dead-man device buttons; anti-collision device for cabin and boom; overload indicator in the basket; intercom communication between turret and basket; electropump for emergency maneuvers.

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