B-Lift 510 HR

B-Lift 510 HR is now on tour! The On&Up European Tour of the B-Lift 510 HR is a Road Show of about 2 months duration to reach the most important countries, and visiting the CTE dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and France for a total of more than 3000 km.

Thanks to its stateliness and a minimal design, this machine is the CTE flag for driving license C. B-Lift 510 HR reaches 50,7 m of working height on a 26 tons 3 axles vehicle. HR stands for High Range, an important engineering project launched some years ago by CTE to match European, American and fire fighting industrial market. One of the benefits of B-Lift 510 HR is the possibility to include in the standard configuration the working area related to the outriggers position with an outreach of over 34 m and a max basket loading capacity of 450 kilos. Relevant performances for a compact vehicle of 10 meters length.