PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Interview with the owner Antonio Titocci – Gruppo Titocci

For the last 20 years Antonio Titocci has run his aerial platform rental company from its headquarters near Rome. Today the company has a fleet of 100 machines, many of which were supplied by CTE. We asked Antonio to tell us a bit more about his business.

CTE: How is your relationship with your competitors? Are you proactive in the market?
Antonio: I have always been very fair to my competitors. Furthermore, I have never reduced rental fees to “unscrupulous” levels to cannibalise the market.

CTE: How do you organise customer service?

Antonio: We always work very hard to increase the efficiency and the speed of service.

CTE: How is your recipe for success?
Antonio: The customer is certainly most important to our business. We have to give them what they expect, and that means the right quality at the right price. We listen to them and explain the difference in the service that we can provide which includes the quality of the machines.

CTE: Why did you choose CTE for your fleet?
Antonio: The decision to choose the CTE truck-mounted aerial platforms, like ZED or B-LIFT, and the Genie self-propelled machines is dictated primarily by the quality of the product. CTE is also an active partner which is always there for its customers.

CTE: In which applications are CTE platforms the winners?
Antonio: It’s very difficult to narrow this down to a single application. This is because the CTE range is extensive which means we can choose a different model for each application. Our customers can choose a model with high performance, ease-of-use and compactness. For example, the truck-mounted machines with the jib are great for builders while the ZED 20 is an excellent choice for tree work.

CTE: What are the greatest satisfactions that you received in your job and in your private life?
Antonio: I remember the great works for the Jubilee 2000 celebrations in Rome rather than the work we did for the large international films such as Mission Impossible, James Bond and The Da Vinci Code.

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