TIPS FOR RENTAL COMPANIES – Moving spiders safely: CTE supports IPAF

CTE supports the new safety campaign introduced by IPAF. Posters and leaflets available from IPAF illustrate the key safety points to observe when moving and using tracked spider-type platforms which are also known as atrium lifts. These machines tend to be narrow and could become unstable if proper attention is not given to the extension or retraction of the outriggers when travelling.

In short, IPAF’s advice is:

• When moving the machine using tracks, on level ground, and/or in the vicinity of walls or other vertical obstacles, use outriggers extended to within 10cm of their full deployment whenever possible.
• Outriggers must always be used in this way when travelling at an angle to an incline.
• Small obstructions such as kerbs or abrupt level changes must never be negotiated without using a ramp or other device to smooth out the step change.
• Use track mats or similar material to prevent damage to susceptible surfaces including grassed areas.
• Spreader plates must always be used under the outriggers when the platform is in use.

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