CTE and Effer together for a special B-Fire aerial platform with final destination to Hong Kong

How to succeed in satisfying a Chineese customer looking for a fire truck equipped with both a water tower arm and a crane for lifting hydraulic tools?

CTE has succeeded by combining its know-how in the field of fire-prevention platforms and water towers and the convenience of the Effer cranes, with a very special and unique setting.
This special B-Tower mounted on Man truck shows the talent and the synergy of the two teams, who have succeeded in producing a multifunction machine, or multipurpose (to borrow a term dear to CTE), identifying separately the 2 functions required by the customer and joining them in the same fire-fighting vehicle.

The installation was then completed with vans and fire extinguishing system from our partner in Hong Kong.

The B-Fire platforms and water towers B-Tower have a range that goes from 22 up to 62 m working height. These platforms are designed and constructed for the rescue and fire fighting activities.
All type of platforms are available with a wide range of options to satisfy the most demanding working conditions.

Since 1965 Effer produces the widest range of hydraulic folding truck and marine crane, with power /weight ratio among the best on the market and lifting capacity of 2 txm to 300 txm.