Welcome EASY! The CTE magazine dedicated to the rental aerial platforms’ world

An in-depth magazine dedicated to rental companies, with exclusive interviews, regulations rubrics, curiosity, articles and news from the world of aerial platforms at 360 ° view.

Are you a competitive renter? How much are you in touch with main rules related to the world of rental and safety? What are the latest curious versions of aerial platforms built ad-hoc for special customers? Are you interested in second-hand vehicles?

These and many others are the main themes of the first issue of EASY, the CTE magazine issued for the first time in January 2012 dedicated to the hirers of platforms and built as a new vehicle of communication on paper and digital (will be sent via e-mail, you can subscribe from the website of CTE in the “newsletter” box) to inform, share, diffuse news about the world of aerial platforms.
CTE, fresh of 30 years of experience celebrations, has created this magazine with the main target of creating a direct line to rental companies through an easy and fast reading tool, providing information related to national and international advice on safety, particular uses of aerial work platforms, curious news from foreign countries. 

The name EASY comes “easily” from the company logo pay-off: “CTE – Work Becomes Easy”, and wants to show the agile and strong impact spirit of the magazine and the simplicity with which topics are treated.

The magazine structure will have fixed headings: FOCUS ON, which will treat issues related to special events or new products; PEOPLE ON THE MARKET, with short and interesting interviews with national and international renters; ANGLE OF LEGISLATION, a direct line with Italian and international regulations related to the world of rental and the correct use of aerial work platforms; TIPS FOR RENTERS, dedicated to important issues such as security; STRANGE APPLICATIONS AND SPECIAL USES, with focuses on special platforms or foreign company; and finally SECOND HAND SPECIAL OCCASION to propose some occasions of second-hand machines.

In the editorial committee various CTE departments were involved, including: Quality and Safety, Training, After Sales, Marketing and International/National Sales.

The magazine will be available once a month, will be free and will initially be distributed in three languages: English, German and Italian.