IN THE SPOTLIGHT – A ZED fleet for the Rome municipality

CTE will supply to the City of Rome 18 articulated aerial platforms for the Department of Environmental Protection and the greenSince last September 2011 a fleet of 17 truck-mounted articulated platforms ZED 21 J and one ZED 29 J is part of of the Department of Environmental Protection and the Green of the City of Rome.

The winning of the tender took place in May 2011 and it was the result of a task force composed of a leading company of platform market like CTE, the Nissan concessionaire Roscini with proven credentials, and finally Tecnoalt (part of group CTE) the highly reliableworkshop, based in the territory and the city of Rome.

Participation in tenders issued by government agencies, companies that provide services for various reasons, are increasingly “alongside” supplies provided to private companies. In order to achieve harmony with the clauses stated in the tanders, companies must not only ensure the supply of goods as they are required, but also create an “after sales service” that follows the provision itself, such as extended warranties, direct assistance at the headquarters of the ‘body, to provide replacement cars in case of downtime over 48 hours, and more.

For more details of products supplied:
ZED 21J articulated truck-mounted platforms reaches a working height of 20,8 m and an outreach 10 m with 200 kg of loading capacity. ZED 29 J reaches a working height of 28,7 m and an outreach of 15,5 m with 230kg loading capacity.

Interview to Mr ROSCINI – Nissan Commercial vehicle dealer in Rome

Q: How long have you known CTE and its range of platforms?
A: We know CTE tank to Massimo Bellini and Tecnoalt sice 11 years. Since then we have established a fruitful collaboration, through a variety of supplies ZED installed on Nissan to customers in Lazio, also brought us to live together this “adventure” of the tender of the Municipality of Rome

I call it an “adventure” since, like any other tender, and in this case even in Rome, it has been an experience lasting more than one year, and in this period we worked together with CTE to present the right offer conceived to reach our aim that was winning the tender.

Q: Which are, in your opinion the strengths of company CTE and its platforms?
A: Well, if we talk about platforms, I state that I am no expert, but surely I found in CTE a wide range of products that can be installed on Nissan trucks, which has allowed us, as I said before making various supplies to both public and private customers. Concerning quality, I’ve found in CTE products a very high quality, that has always meant reliability, so that if not for the normal coupons, I never heard customers call for service, nor for the arm nor for our Nissan chassis, a sign of perfect union. If we talk about men, I find it hard to tell which is undoubtedly the trump card of CTE. Without naming names and surnames, I have always found from technical to commercial, from the President to the carrier, availability, preparation and professionalism. This last point is truly indispensable when approaching in procurement, since the time of delivery, technical specifications and customer service are crucial to the ultimate success.

Q: when You decided to participate in the tender called by the City of Rome, which are the strengths identified in the CTE products that would, in your opinion, could have awarded them the race?
A: Well, after a discussion with CTE team, We understood that ZED 21J and ZED 29 were the models featuring all the tender requirements. More over the tender required an after sales service that only CTE/Tecnoalt here in Rome, and of course Nissan branches could garantee.
Do you think that the award phase included an inspection by experts of the City of Rome, to our workshops, both our own and that CTE / Tecnoalt and all have passed the exam with the most points. Anyway, back to the platform Zed 21J is the only machine to work with more than 20 meters Jib, with a radius of 10 meters, installed on a vehicle pat.B. While running the Nissan Cabstar remains extremely compact, while in the operational phase covers an incredible working area, with a narrow stabilization and especiallywith zero tailwing, , another determining factor for Rome. Do not assume that the capital is only wide streets and open spaces, Rome is also smaller gardens, trees along the Tiber, and much more, now the City of Rome could maintain smoothly without causing damage or vehicular traffic.

Q: In which applications City of Rome will use the CTE platforms?
A: As I said before, the purchase was made for the DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND GREEN. So will be mainly used for pruning. Do not forget that another strong point, I believe crucial to the provision, was the fact that CTE mounts all the pipes and chains inside the arm, which is in Zed 21J and ZED 29J. So dropping down branches and trunks, certainly will not jeopardize the functions of the machine, thus ensuring the smooth operation.

Q: What’s next?
R: Of course continuing with the same passion for our work. To sell commercial vehicles is our mission since 1983. Object of the company since its inception, the marketing of commercial and industrial vehicles, which is held at the headquarters of Via Boccea, 553 in Rome. He is currently selling Nissan, Isuzu and Piaggio.
Regarding the relationship with CTE, after over 10 years I feel “one family”, as I have always tried to reciprocate the affection of my friends Giovanni Bellini and Massimo Sabbatani, and all the guys in Tecnoalt and CTE.
We work seriously, but in respect of the roles, we collaborate in the supply of chassis where CTE installs Blift ZED and platforms, and for the after sales aspects. We have many projects in mind, but the culture and respect for the “work” I was taught that we must go one step after another, with care, determination and without stumbling.