STRANGE AND INTERESTING APPLICATION – Aerial platforms for planes!

An anti-collision system installed on the basket of a truck-mounted aerial platform has transformed a platform into a platform ideal for the plane. This is what CTE proposed to Neos, airline company that operates from all major airports in northern Italy, an aerial articulated truck-mounted platform, model ZED 21 J with an integrated device anti-collision.This particular device has been designed to avoid collisions between vehicles during work operations and make possible all those maintenance activities required in the field of aircraft (checks, cleaning, replacement wing components, light bulbs, electrical equipment, etc. ..). A perimeter bumper, placed on 3 sides of the base of the basket, contains some sensors that in case of danger of collision inhibit any movement of the platform. Once you active the sensors, to turn them off you simply have to press the engine start button (located in the dashboard on the basket) and select the desired operation.To allow the platform to perform maintenance operations even in the hangars, where combustion engines are prohibited, the platform also has an electric motor (in addition of the diesel engine).

The ZED 21 J reaches 20.8 m working height, load capacity of 200kg with an outreach of 10m and a jib of 2.1 m.