IN THE SPOTLIGHT – “Two in one” spiderlift

The aerial track mounted platform Traccess 230 is available both in standard version with basket and with winch, the special accessory suitable for lifting materials Within few minutes the spider Traccess 230 changes: usually used with the basket for lifting materials and operators, now is also suitable for lifting materials with a special accessory, a winch with lifting capacity up to 250 kg at 20.8 m working height. Just a simple movement to remove the basket and apply the winch.The loading capacity of 250 kg is for all the 4 possible working areas with automatic leveling up to 10.1 m outreach (amazing outreach that allows to reach even the most difficult and uncomfortable working place): with the stabilizers open at 25 ° while working in the back area, with stabilizers open at 25 ° on one side and 50 ° on the other side while working only on one side (the third stabilization is in the opposite direction), finally you can work with all 4 stabilizers open.

Traccess 230 is currently the highest CTE tracked access platform , with a working height of 23 m and 12 m outreach. Its very small dimensions ( 1,99 height and 5,28 m length, and most importantly just 80 cm width when in narrow track position) and quickly removable basket allow the TRACCESS 230 to get inside places which other 23 m tracked aerial platforms cannot access. Full radio remote controls are standard on the TRACCESS 230, as well as automatic leveling and four different outrigger footprints and operating modes, plus a 90° + 90° cage rotation.

It is also equipped with a Honda engine 15 hp (you can also mount the Kubota) plus an auxiliary motor 230 V-2, 2 kW (standard in the delivery) that will operate without emissions in indoor environments.