PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Interview with CTE Belgian dealer Luc Moortgat

Luc Mortgaat , Real Verhuur owner, has a fleet of about 300 machines.

1. Good morning Mr Mortgaat, you are on the market since many years. Has your company evolved over the years?
Initially we bought many second-hand platforms, then in 1993 a 45m platform, in 2001 a 55 m one and in 2012, a 62m High range platform. In total about 2300 machines to rent.

2. What are the territorial boundaries of your company / business?
We are located near Antwerp, where there is one of the largest ports in the world. Africa has always been our point of reference, but we work mainly on Belgian territory. All our activities are held in multiple languages (English, Flemish, German, French, Italian).

3. How big is your fleet?
We have about 300 machines in total; regarding the work platforms and earthmoving we have:
29 aerial platform trucks
30 self-propelled aerial platforms
41 excavators
22 generators
Approximately 100 accessories and small machines.

4. In which applications are CTE platforms the winners?
In my opinion, the best are those with working heights from 14 to 20 m of 3.5 tons and the B-Lift High Range series.

5. What are your customers looking for in a platform? What is driving their choice today?
Reliability, safety, convenience, speed of service, simplicity, but also innovation

6. Owner of a rental company is your profession, but what are your hobbies?
I like sports cars, especially Italian brands, I’m a collector.
I’m also fond of classic racing cars; I’m a Porsche driver in the Belgian Historic Championship in which many competitors from Holland, Germany, the United Kingdom take part.
I’m also a technician and I carry out the modifications and calibrations of the engine and suspension systems.

7. What is the greatest satisfaction you get in the workplace and in your private life?

At work the arrival of the new CTE B-Lift 620 High Range – it’s a great platform!
In my private life I started 6 years ago to participate in motor racing, and I’m always on the podium in a competition with 60 competitors!