TIPS FOR RENTAL COMPANIES – Organic lubricants

These products minimize environmental impact in case of accidental spills and ensure a prolonged period between oil changes (lasting at least 5 times longer than traditional mineral products): they are bio lubricants, certified by the European Economic Community which, in 2005, began to track the profiles of toxicity and ecological toxicity of lubricants.CTE offers and recommends these oils combined with its range of platforms. CTE has chosen the ECLS Panolin oil (hydraulic oil based on saturated synthetic esters), produced by PANOLIN AG, an independent company based in Switzerland Madetswil. The oil complies with the new European Directive 2011/381/CE that establishes ecological criteria and related assessment and verification requirements for the award of the Community eco-label to lubricants. The main characteristics of Panolin oil are: excellent demulsifying properties, excellent foam prevention and rapid air release, and the ability to keep the facilities/machinery clean, thanks to strong detergents. Moreover, being completely synthetic they ensure protection against wear, high oxidation stability and high biodegradability.


• PANOLIN HJLP SYNTH E (hydraulic circuit) oil should be replaced every 12,000 hours, while a mineral oil is replaced every 1500 hours.
• Panolin BIOGEAR RS 80W/90 oil (gear) should be replaced after 100 hours of operation, and then every 6,000 hours or every 3 years. A mineral oil is instead replaced after 100 hours and then every 2,000 hours.
• It is not only saving money but is also beneficial for the environment as the reduced number of oil changes leads to a lower pollution.
• The longer component lifecycle and lower costs of spare parts.