NEW ZED 21 JH – Welcome evolution!

The aerial platform market is constantly evolving, so CTE replies and launches a new truck mounted articulated platform with an increased capacity up to 300 kg, 21 m working height, jib, compactness, and … so much innovation.

New year, new projects! In a continually changing market like aerial platforms one, CTE launches a new truck -mounted platform in its ZED line, the brand that identifies the articulated boom with “Z” shape, meeting the latest demands of the market that requires more and more compactness, technology and increased capacity: thus was born the new ZED 21 JH.

The new ZED 21 JH represents the meeting between the peculiarities of the ZED 21 J (21 m working height with jib 2.1 m), the CTE patented stabilization system with connecting rods, and the concept of increased flow presented recently with the ZED 20 CSH. The new model present all the features that earned the success of the most popular truck-mounted of CTE. Thus CTE is in the forefront of the market sector by offering for the first time in the segment of truck-mounted B driver license a 21 m working height with a very innovative features, truly unique.

The new ZED 21 JH was born as an evolution of the ZED 21 J. Compared to the previous version:
– The boom is being completely redesigned, more compact and less bulky: now is in fact parallel to the articulated arm;
– The loading capacity in the basket is increased, it reaches 300 kg and ZED 21 JH is the only machine in the sector to offer it;
– The jib inclination has been increased from 110 ° to 145 °;
– The tubes are positioned inside the boom and result to be repaired and then protected;
– The control panel placed in the basket has been studied with a new ergonomically functional cover.

Working height: 20,7 m ca.
Platform height: 18,7m ca.
Outreach: 10 m ca.
Capacity (two people and hardware): 300 kg
Basket dim.: 1400x700x1100 mm
360° continuous turret rotation on bearing turntable
Proportional electrohydraulic controls from basket and ground
65° right + 65° left hydraulic basket rotation
GVW min: 3,5t, B license

Lenght: 6800 cm
Height: 2600 cm
Width: 2100 cm

The double pantograph + telescoping boom + jib configuration allows the operator to reach 20.7 m working height with a 10 m outreach. The dimensions are compact.
The machine is configured in an optimal manner, both from the technical and operative point of view, in order to have a load of 300 kg on the basket over the entire working area without limitations. This means that anyone can work with a small footprint on the road, less than 3 m in width, without any way impair the safety and the performance, thanks to the zero “footprint tail”. This lets you use this machine to its full capacity and in a range of varied applications.

The jib: the inclination of the jib has been increased by 30 ° in positive, from 110 ° to 145 °, the modification was made to make more flexible use of the boom to particular jobs, such as the trusses.

The loading capacity: the precious addition of the increased capacity (300 kg instead of the standard of 200 kg) goes in the direction of all those users who require a basket able to carry greater quantities of material and the safe use even for strong build operators. In Europe this kind of need is increasing.

The stabilisation: is a “H” shape stabilisation with drive rods: a CTE patented system that guarantees the exit of the beam, and consequently of the outrigger, in one movement, without the help of jacks and cylinders. It allows you to get closer to the sidewalks and to avoid the sliding of the outriggers. It is perfect for all situations where you must work in tight and narrow spaces. The H stabilization also guarantees the exit of the stabilizer to allow the overcoming of obstacles (eg. sidewalks) up to 220 mm, much higher (83%) than the version A+ A (120 mm).

The control panel: to ensure better visibility and to be more user-friendly, the controls are positioned tilted towards the operator and repaired by a new cover panel, more ergonomic of the previous versions.

CTE with the new ZED 21 JH is the mouthpiece of the continuous improvement of technology platforms” tells Luca Piovan, CTE marketing director, “demonstrating advanced and ready to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of the European market. In fact, thanks to the study of new materials, CTE reaches ever higher technology levels of performance”.

The new ZED 21 JH will be exposed at the INTERMAT Exhibition in Paris from 16th to 21st April @IPAF demo Outdoor Area E2 B064 and @ the 20th ASSODIMI National Convention from 11th to 12th May in Verona – Italy.

As soon as possible we’ll show the pictures of the new ZED 21 JH. At the moment, you can see the famous version of ZED 21 J and ZED 20 CSH, on which CTE based the new model.