IN THE SPOTLIGHT – One year of B-Fire

CTE continues to win market share in the sector of aerial fire-fighting platforms around the world.

A journey that starts from Rio de Janeiro, passing through Thailand, Hong Kong, Algeria and Uzbekistan. These are the goals reached, both from a geographic and product expansion perspective, achieved by CTE in the sector of aerial fire-fighting platforms.

Yes we are talking about platforms, but primarily we are talking about specific studies implemented to satisfy the most demanding of working conditions. In autumn 2011 CTE supplied a fire truck equipped with both a water tower arm and a crane for lifting hydraulic tools for the Shijiazhuang Fire Station of Honk Kong. CTE succeeded by combining its know-how in the field of fire-prevention platforms and water towers and the functionality of the Effer cranes, obtaining a very particular and unique set up – a truly new B-Tower platform! Furthermore CTE created on demand a complex composition consisting of water system (pump and tank) for the B-Fire 360 and fire foam system (pump and tank) for the B-Fire 330. The clients were the Municipality of Lampang – Thailand and the Algerian company Sonatrach, the largest Oil and Gas Group in Africa should be mentioned. Regarding Uzbekistan, the first aerial ladder platform in the country (B-Fire 450) was delivered, assigned to the command of the Fire Department of the capital, Tashkent, last September.

As you can imagine, seeing fire trucks in action in critical situations such as those of a rescue, creates a feeling of being part of the action due to the fear experienced, but also a sense of pride in having participated in achieving concrete and real results. This is what happened in Rio de Janeiro in February 2011, when a huge fire broke out at the “Sambadrome” in Rio. Ten teams of firefighters, equipped with CTE-B Fire platforms, fought the flames, which broke out one month before the famous Rio Carnival parades.

PRODUCT FOCUS: The B-Fire platforms and water towers B-Tower have a range of 22 up to 62 m working height. These platforms are designed and constructed for rescue and fire fighting activities.
All types of platforms are available with a wide range of options to satisfy the most demanding working conditions. The basket of the B-FIRE series has a maximum capacity of 450 kg, which allows access to 4 workers with all their equipment. A front flap, designed as a walkway and an entrance into the basket on the front wall allows for a smooth and continuous connection from the area of rescue at high altitude to the ground, while an electronic ultrasonic prevents accidental collision of the basket. The machine also includes a side staircase made of an aluminum alloy, an integrated electronic system, three command posts, a system of automatic stabilization, fire-fighting body and interior lighting.