PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Eric Hunziker of Maltech (CH)

Maltech provides a rental service of platforms and aerial lifts in Switzerland. With a wide range of platformsa and 20 Maltech centers, this company hires out advanced technology and an incomparably complete range for the whole Switzerland country.

1. How Does Your Business Market Itself?
The majority of requests for the aerial work platforms sector comes from professional services dedicated to road maintenance.

2. How Has The Market Evolved In This Period?
Our story started in 1966 with the purchase of 17 m platforms for a company that operated in the decorating sector. Soon the efficient method of work guaranteed by aerial platforms surpassed all expectations in other sectors of the market.
That’s why we need workshops with specialized technicians able to provide expert assistance and maintenance on platforms.

3. What Types Of Machines Do You Own?
Thanks to the application in the metallurgical sector, maintenance of buildings and window cleaning but also for mounting both inside and outside the buildings, we can satisfy requests for working heights over 70 m.
B license platforms, which can be tested directly by customers, reach a height of up to 27 m.
CTE telescopic platforms, brand B-Lift, up to 3.5 tonnes, or even the track mounted platform Traccess are also very popular. The range of machines available is boosted by a large selection ranging from articulated, to telescopic, the vertical, and earth moving machines, which are able to meet special a/o customized requirements.

4. What Is Your “Recipe” For Success And What Values Do You Have For Your Daily Work?
The aim of our company is to provide solutions to our customers needs and create added value via our rental service.
We try to find all possible solutions to our client requests, while maintaining an open-minded and cooperative relationship with all our customers, suppliers and employees. Our approach therefore is to try to be innovative and flexible in all fields of action, with the aim of reaching a position of leadership in the sector.

5. What is the greatest satisfaction you received in the workplace and in private?
Having motivated employees who identify with company goals, and the society at large, is the biggest satisfaction for an entrepreneur. This is transparent to our customers. The same applies also to the family.