IN THE SPOTLIGHT: new ZED 21 JH – welcome evolution!

CTE launches a new truck mounted articulated platform with an increased capacity of up to 300 kg, 21 m working height, jib, compactness, and … so much innovation.

Showcased for the first time at the Intermat Paris 2012 exhibition, the new ZED 21 JH (the brand that identifies the articulated boom with “Z” shape) boasts a double pantograph + telescoping boom + jib configuration that allows the operator to reach 20.7 m working height with a 10 m outreach.

The machine is configured in an optimal manner, both from a technical and operational perspective, in order to support a load of 300 kg in the basket over the entire working area without any limitations. The increased capacity (300 kg instead of the standard of 200 kg) imparts a competitive advantage because it responds to the requirements of those users who need a basket able to carry greater quantities of material and increases safety on the work site even for strong build operators. In Europe this requirement is continuing to grow.

The jib: the inclination of the jib has been increased by 30 ° in positive, from 110 ° to 145 °. This modification was introduced to give extra flexibility to the boom when operating on particular jobs, such as the trusses.

The stabilisation: “H” shape stabilisation with drive rods – a CTE patented system that guarantees, in a single movement the extension of the beam and consequently of the outrigger without requiring jacks or cylinders. This system allows the operator to get closer to pavements and prevents the sliding of the outriggers. It provides a perfect solution for all situations in which the operator must work in tight and narrow spaces. The H stabilization also ensures the extension of the stabilizer that allows obstacles (e.g. pavements) of up to 220 mm to be surmounted, which is much higher (83%) than the A+ A (120 mm) version.

Working height: 20,7 m ca.
Platform height: 18,7m ca.
Outreach: 10 m ca.
Capacity (two people and hardware): 300 kg
Basket dim.: 1400x700x1100 mm
360° continuous turret rotation on bearing turntable
Proportional electro-hydraulic controls from basket and ground
65° right + 65° left hydraulic basket rotation
GVW min: 3,5t, B license
Length: 6800 cm
Height: 2600 cm
Width: 2100 cm