STRANGE AND INTERESTING APPLICATION: B-LIFT 620 HR in action in Tor Vergata – Rome – at the Sports City designed by Santiago Calatrava

In the beautiful Roman setting of Tor Vergata, Rome, at the City of Sport, the telescopic truck-mounted platform B-Lift 620 High Range has been operating for about a year (until May 2011). This platform reaches about 62 meters in height with a maximum horizontal outreach of 35 meters.

B-620 High Lift Range boasts an original and innovative design with a 4-arm extensions and a main jib with 2 extensions, the second arm with 180° articulated joint. it is also equipped with an automatic system for the management of the lateral outreach, depending on the positioning of the stabilizers, which means 50 different working areas with a capacity ranging between 120 and 450 kg. The hydraulic and electronic units represent the true heart of the machine, which has more than 20 control units.

The hydraulic and electrical power supplies are housed on the chain-carrying cables located inside the boom and jib. The electro-hydraulic controls are proportional to simultaneous operations effected via an ergonomic joystick. There are three command consoles equipped with intercom communication- one to the ground on a mobile console and cable in the cabin and in the cage, with integrated multi-function color display.

The machine has been designed for all market sectors. All the measures prescribed as per various national regulations have been integrated and optimized resulting in a product that exceeds the minimum legal requirements of each individual state. The functional characteristics of the machine are manifold, including an anti-collision safety cab system, an automatic arm limitation system in function of the weight in and stabilization of the basket and an electro-hydraulic unit dedicated to closure in emergency situations. This is a machine that, thanks to its multiple sensors and advanced software, is able to interpret operational conditions and limit or eliminate any possible hazard without compromising the performance of its functions.

The machine has been utilized at the Sports City, Tor Vergata, for the installation of steel roof structures, work sub-contracted out by Cimolai Spa in Pordenone. The sports complex was designed by the illustrious Catalan architect, Santiago Calatrava, and the construction phase, according to the latest work timescale, is due to be completed in 2013.