Three track mounted platforms CTE TRACCESS 170 worked for maintenance and decorations in the beautiful Basilica della Salute of Venice.

During the Venetian visit of Pope Benedict XVI in May 2011, the city of Venice has planned a series of maintenance and decoration activities in the Basilica della Salute, a place that welcomed the last stage of the the Italian north-east diocesan pastoral journey.
The Basilica has seen passing through and being active for the entire month of April, three of our tracked spiders TRACCESS, arrived in Venice thanks to rental company Venpa 3 Group. Moved to diesel for access in the holy place, but have operated exclusively in electric mode in the internal area.
To protect the precious mosaic pavement of the Basilica, the spiders have moved on specially built wooden walkways.
Maintenance activities have focused on the adaptation of electrical and audiovisual building.

Traccess is the first spider with reduced dimensions ideals for operating at heights from 13 m up to 23 m. It can pass trough doorway of 2 m height and can work inside. Traccess can easily be transported on a truck.
With superb autonomy, and agile on uneven terrain, Traccess is the ideal alternative for construction companies and plant installers who would otherwise be forced to use an aerial platform.
TRACCESS 170: 17 m of working height, 7,5 m of outreach and 200 kg of capacity. Available also in electric version, TRACCESS 170 E is Lithium battery powered. This facility now allows for a 17m tracked product, ideal for internal use due to the low ground pressure, to be used where fumes and noise are prohibited. The TRACCESS 170E incorporates the same working profile of the standard 170, but does it quietly, cleanly and fume free. With 4 – 5 hours continuous working, this makes it a true production battery powered machine.