TIPS FOR RENTAL – CTE: 10 Years Training with IPAF

CTE pioneer in training for platform operators

The correct training of people using elevating work platforms is one of the most important points that CTE has always considered in the widespread use of this equipment.
Since its foundation, which dates back more than 30 years ago, CTE has devoted its resources to educate and train operators using these type of machines.

Entering the British market 10 years ago, CTE has had the opportunity to meet IPAF, the manufacturers and rental companies association, with the aim of promoting the safe use of work platforms and operator training. After successful meetings held in England where the CTE Safety Manager, Mauro Potrich, has had the opportunity to attend specific courses for operators, CTE has decided to introduce this system of education in Italy.

In fact, following an audit performed by IPAF in CTE headquarters, in June 2002, CTE has become an IPAF approved training centre and has started to carry out such training courses for operators and demonstrators following the procedures set by IPAF. From the inception date, CTE has added different training courses including IPAF courses (currently around 3,000 people have attended on over a total of 600 courses delivered) that have become nowadays prevalent over all others. CTE says with great satisfaction that it has been a pioneer in Europe, outside the borders of England, of IPAF Training courses and has shown his vision in a such sensitive field as the culture of safety at work.

Another great satisfaction for CTE arrives from the achievement of the recent agreement State-Regions on training regarding safe work equipment: signed February 22, 2012 (enters into force in March 2013), that defines in detail the requirements for training courses for the qualification of operators. These are the same content of CTE courses that held for 10 years now, to demonstrate that CTE investments in terms of safety, even in ancient times have been recognized by tha law. In this period CTE is working with IPAF to obtain accreditation as a training body.