REGULATIONS’ CORNER – IPAF Italia was born and CTE Spa is one of the founders

On 21st of May in Milan the Italian association IPAF ITALY was founded by a group of founding members, representatives of some of the most representative companies in the field of mobile aerial access in Italy.
The association is on the market as a direct emanation of IPAF Limited, the International Federation, which represents the mobile aerial access industry around the world and which is the world leader in training for the safe use of elevating work platforms.

CTE SpA was one of the first Italian companies to share the aims and objectives of IPAF and it became IPAF training center since 2002, when the certified training of operators in Italy was, in fact, exist. CTE has helped to promote the training importance and the ‘safe use of elevating work platforms working together with IPAF in organizing events and seminars.

Pursuing its mission to produce and distribute in the market for aerial work platforms, hoists for materials for construction work and movement of people and things in height and offering to its customers a more adequate training including regulatory requirements, shared immediately the idea of forming IPAF ITALY becoming one of the founders.