CTE at SAIE 2012: product novelties for ZED range

At the well known international exhibition that will be held in Bologna from October 18th to 21st, the company will show its products in a 550 mq area (external area 44, Stand D 38 – D 31) in partnership with Effer. The product novelties of this Saie edition will concern ZED truck-mounted articulated platforms range.

CTE will put on display some platforms also at IPAF demo live stand.

At CTE stand you’ll find the following products:

– ZED 20.2 H: the new articulated truck-mounted platform – INNOVATION 2012
– ZED 21 JH:
the new articulated truck-mounted platform – INNOVATION 2012
– ZED 23 JH:
the ZED 21 JH sister, with 23 m of working height – WORLD PREMIERE SAIE 2012
– B-Lift MP 20.13: the famous Multipurpose platform, well known in the world for its versatility
– B-Lift 390 HR: high range truck-mounted platform with 43 m of working height

– TRACCESS 230: track mounted access platform with 23 m of working height
TRACCESS 230 with winch: track mounted access platform with winch

GENIE Z 51/30 J: self-propelled platform with articulated boom, 17, 6 m of working height
GENIE GTH 4018: telehandler with 17,54 m of working height and 4000 kg of capacity
GENIE GS 4047: scissor lift with 13,93 m of working height and 350 kg of capacity

PRATIKA 185 trailer: material removal lift, 18,50 m of working height and 200 kg of capacity
POWER TOWER: low level powered access, push or self-propelled, until 5,1 m of working height

As usual, but this year in two times, CTE will offer to the customers an happy hour time on Friday 19th and on Saturday 20th, with music and Italian food and beverage.

We will see you at our stand to discuss CTE proposals where our sales staff will be at your disposal to provide information about products and services. See you there!



As far as world premiere Saie 2012 is concerned, the truck-mounted articulated platform ZED 23 JH, we can give you only some anticipation: it’s born like the major sister of ZED 21 JH, as to renew the success of this product (Jib, loading capacity of 250 kg, articulated boom, compactness).
We will wait for you at our stand to show this new product!

New truck-mounted articulated platform ZED 21 JH:

ZED 21 JH has 21 m of working height, a 2,1 m Jib, the “H” shape stabilisation with drive rods (CTE patented system), and an increased capacity of 300 kg. Thus CTE is in the forefront of the market sector by offering for the first time in the segment of truck-mounted B driver license a 21 m working height with a very innovative features, truly unique.
With a completely redesigned boom, the platform is more compact and less bulky: the telscopic boom is parallel to the articulated boom. The tubes are positioned inside the boom and result to be repaired and then protected. The jib inclination has been increased from 110 ° to 145 °.
The loading capacity, with the precious addition of the increased capacity (300 kg instead of the standard of 200 kg) goes in the direction of all those users who require a basket able to carry greater quantities of material and the safe use even for strong build operators. In Europe this kind of need is increasing.
The machine is configured in an optimal manner, both from the technical and operative point of view, in order to have a load of 300 kg on the basket over the entire working area without limitations. This means that anyone can work with a small footprint on the road, less than 3 m in width, without any way impair the safety and the performance, thanks to the zero “footprint tail”. This lets you use this machine to its full capacity and in a range of varied applications.

New truck-mounted articulated platform ZED 20.2 H:

ZED 20.2 is the evolution of ZED 20 C with even more “tailored” performances for operators and more “work Becomes Easy,” the CTE philosophy.
The main features of the ZED 20.2:
– Increased loading capacity up to 300 kg with the optional load cell. On this side CTE meets the increasing demand of the European market to provide machines with capacities increased on license B for more versatility of use.
– One working area (as in philosophy ZED) with maximum performance across the working area
– New system of rotation control – the hydraulic rotation lock has been improved
– The performance of the Ring rotation increases from 320 °+320° to 340° +340°
– Compactness as the ZED 20 C and ZED 20 CH: the stowed height is always of 2.5 meters
– Born with the patented H stabilization with connecting rods: a CTE patent which guarantees the release of the beam, and consequently of the stabilizer, in one movement, without the aid of screw jacks and of cylinders.
– New ergonomic protection panel in the basket: to ensure better visibility and ease of use, the controls are positioned tilted towards the operator and repaired by a new hinged lid, more ergonomic previous versions.
– New boom design with higher sections that reduce the bending of the boom itself and make the aerial platform even more stable to facilitate the operator at high altitude.