First ZED 23 JH to Rome!

Presented for the first time at SAIE 2012, new truck-mounted platform with 250 kg of capacity, 23 m working height and flying boom has been a true success having the first unit sold during the exhibition.

Just presented at Saie, the well-known International Exhibition that took place in Bologna last week, and it has been an immediate success for ZED 23 JH, the new articulated truck-mounted platform by CTE, so that the first unit was sold during the exhibition.

The articulated platform ZED 23 JH, born as a sister of JH ZED 21 with the aim to reproduce the winning features of 21 (Jib, increased capacity, double articulated arm, compactness and ease of use), even on a 23 m .

To buy the first unit of this machine in the italian market was TECNOALT srl of Rome that thanks to this new model will enrich its already substantial fleet of CTE platforms. Delivery is scheduled for next February 2013.

The new ZED 23 JH proposes 23 m working height with jib, the stabilization system with connecting rods patented by CTE, and a basket capacity of 250 kg throughout the entire working area. Therefore ZED 23 JH contains all the features that have made the success of the most recent CTE platforms (21JH ZED, ZED 20.2 H). In this way, CTE is at the forefront of the market, offering, for the first time in the segment of trucks driving license B a 23 m working height of a very innovative features truly unique.

ZED 23 JH is the only platform area aerial platform, in the segment of 23 m in height, which presents a jib capable of working with an angle of 145 °, of which 30 ° in the positive, in order to work always in perfect ergonomics. No one in the market, apart from CTE, offers a similar performance at this height with jib working on an articulated license B.

The basket capacity reaches 250 kg and is unique in the entire work area with no limitations. CTE continues to work in the direction of increased capacity to meet the increasing demands of the European market and not only for higher capacity and safety, for operators with significant body types, thus limiting the ability to shut down, because of the weight while works, and giving the opportunity to bring in the basket even heavy equipment.

The new born at home CTE has a new design of the arm, clean and functional, with the boom parallel to the arm. Cables and chains are inside the arm to protect them from damage during handling.

Completing the main features of this model, the ergonomic design of the control panel located on the basket and the reduced tailswing.