An aerial platform B-LIFT 150 in Australia for thermal coal

CTE has delivered a telescopic truck-mounted platform B-Lift 150 to Australian company Xstrata Coal. The sale was coordinated succesfully thanks to the pluriannual and consolidated relationship between CTE and its Australian dealer Platform Sales, based in Taren Point.

B-Lift 150 reaches 14, 6 m of working height and 8,9 m of working outreach with 200 kg of loading capacity. This platform belongs to the Pro Version range (up to 3,5t): truck-mounted telescopic platforms from 14m up to 23m (suitable for 3.5t trucks), mountable on main European vehicles with availability of different types of stabilization and performance. The simultaneous controls, the accuracy and smoothness of its movements together with the large variety of accessories, place this product line on top of its category.

Xstrata Coal is the world largest exporter of thermal coal which is used to generate electricity and one of the largest producers of coal to make steel and other industrial applications.
They produced more than 100 million tonnes in 2011 and employ more than 17,000 workers with the majority in the New South Wales Hunter Valley and Queensland’s Bowen Basin, and the Witbank area of South Aftrica, Australia.
The B-lift 150 is being used at the Hunter Valley’s Glendell Mine for maintenance around the site and on the large earthmoving equipment. The mine runs 24 hours a day and if a mining truck breaks down the B-lift 150 can be onsite within minutes.

The truck is a 6t GVM Mitsubishi 4×4 and has been specially fitted out to withstand the tough conditions in which it will have to work. Special paint was used on the sub-frame, the lower control station is housed in a stainless steel box and all electrical cables were enclosed in conduit.
All hydraulic hoses were spiral wrapped for extra protection and fire extinguisher, driving lights and beacons were also fitted.

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