IN THE SPOTLIGHT – ZED 23 JH and the increased capacity

Truck-mounted articulated platform ZED 23 JH was born like a sister of ZED 21 JH with the aim to have the same relevant characteristics (Jib, increased loading capacity, double articulated arm, compactness and easy of use) also at 23 mt of working height.

With this new product CTE goes at the avant-garde of the sector’s market and offers for the first time in the B license segment a 23 mt platform really innovative and with truly unique features.

ZED 23 JH is the only platform area aerial platform, in the segment of 23 m in height, which presents a jib capable of working with an angle of 145 °, of which 30 ° in the positive, in order to work always in perfect ergonomics. No one in the market, apart from CTE, offers a similar performance at this height with jib working on an articulated license B.

The basket capacity reaches 250 kg and is unique in the entire work area with no limitations. CTE continues to work in the direction of increased capacity to meet the increasing demands of the European market and not only for higher capacity and safety, for operators with significant body types, thus limiting the ability to shut down, because of the weight while works, and giving the opportunity to bring in the basket even heavy equipment.

The new born at home CTE has a new design of the arm, clean and functional, with the boom parallel to the arm. Cables and chains are inside the arm to protect them from damage during handling.

Completing the main features of this model, the ergonomic design of the control panel located on the basket and the reduced tailswing.

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