PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Interview with Wolfgang Salgert

Salgert provides a rental service of platforms and aerial lifts in Germany. With a wide range of platforms, this company hires out advanced technology for German country.

1. How Does Your Business Market Itself? 
This year, unfortunately, we can not replicate the turnover of last years before the crisis, but we will maintain the level reached in 2011.

2.  What type of machines do you own? How big is your fleet?
We have more than 100 vechicles for rent: CTE, Genie, Ruthmann, Palfinger Wumag, Dino Lift. The fleet has had a continuous growth in recent years. Today we can offer to our customers a hundred vehicles, machines with increasingly efficiency and able to meet all the needs of lifting sector.

3.  What is your “recipe for success” – what values are important in your daily work?
In our opinion, the concept of customer care must be developed in all areas of the company, from the sales department to after-sales services. This is a must and the philosophy which pursues all of our employees. First, we see ourselves as problem solvers, so we don’t bounce obstacles. The relationships developed with our clients are based on transparent and sincere words, as well as with our colleagues. We try to offer them our full support for any need in only one solution. In addition, thanks to our logistics presence throughout the country, we can always be close to our customers. Regarding the training, we’ve been registered with IPAF since 2011, and we offer training courses from platform to forklift.

4. What is the greatest satisfaction you have experienced both in the workplace?
We started in 1998 with the purchase of two self-propelled platforms through Franz Heiland of Hematec GmbH (German dealer of CTE), and then we are able to offer a fleet of a hundred vehicles. Thanks to this constant and tireless attitude of all our employees, we got to the fulfillment of what began as a simple dream. And that’s something we’re really proud of.