The spiderlift is transformed into mini-crane

With its 20.5 m lift height, variable stabilization and 250 kg capacity, the CTE track-mount platform Traccess 230 with winch is perfectly suited for operation rough terrain. These images depict the difficult work of making some mini tunnels in a mountainous area, with different bases for the outriggers. The soil consists of soil and stones, while the road is very narrow, a condition which would not allow the use of a crane, although smallTraccess 230 with winch proves to be a safe and simple solution for this kind of work.

The platform in the standard version, with basket, reaches 23 m working height and 200 kg capacity. This platform is the most compact in its class, thanks to its small size (78 cm wide and 1.99 m high) manages to pass through the doors. With 4 different working area it is suitable for all tasks in narrow spaces and that require a particular stabilization, such as in arboriculture field or on rough roads. It also has a 2.1 m jib with positive angle of 10 °. Thanks to the “Z” design of the arm, the machine has zero tailswing in all working positions, and this makes it ideal for working in narrow spaces and on the roads.

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