Versatility for maintenance, cleaning and Christmas atmosphere!

Colaser Spa in Rome, a leading integrated provider of domestic and industrial cleaning, has bought from Tecnoalt, partner company of CTE specialized in rental and sales of aerial work platforms, construction equipment and removals lift a truck mount platform to improve the its efficiency.

From building maintenance to the installation of photovoltaic panels, from cleaning to transportation, the cooperative does indeed need a platform that can be successful in different applications. The Zed 21 JH was found to be the best choice in terms of performance: 21 meters of working height, 10 m outreach, no space under the basket, vertical stabilization, basket capacity of 300 kg basket without limitations.
Thanks to the increased basket capacity, is now possible to bring a greater amount of material in addition to the two operators in the basket. Colaser can count among its ongoing work cleaning service at the Chamber of Deputies, the University of Rome 3 and Tor Vergata.


With the holidays around the corner, the cities dress in lights and Christmas atmosphere. And to do this, they rely on the versatility and safety guaranteed by the platform. The city of Rome is served by RGM Illumination and the truck mounted platform ZED 21 J.
From mid-October to early December, RGM will illuminate the whole area of Rome, in particular the historic center. The classic lights, since some years have been replaced with LED lights that allow colors and more elaborate projects. For installations was used during the night a Zed 21 J platform (rented by Tecnoalt) with a maximum height 21 meters and 10 meters outreach.
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