CTE announces the merger with Sequani Meccanica

As part of the CTE Group production reorganisation, CTE SpA announces that effective from January 1st 2013 the company will incorporate Sequani Meccanica, who are based in Rivoli Veronese, making an industrial and administrative business merger.

The Management and Commercial functions, including Marketing will remain located at the company Headquarters in Rovereto (TN).

This merger will not change either the business politics or the business strategy of the CTE Group.

This strong relationship between the two companies started in 1997, when CTE entered into the manufacturing of aerial work platforms, with both the companies producing to date approximately 6000 access platforms (both articulated truck mounted and track mounted). By the end of 2012 there will be around 1000 aerial platforms produced at the plant in Verona.

Sequani Meccanica was established in the early 80’s and initially produced cranes and yard cranes. The company then joined CTE in the production of aerial work platforms, making in recent years the establishment of Rivoli, Veronese an industrial centre for CTE. This is where production concentrates in the manufacture of 4 lines of truck-mounted and tracked platforms for use worldwide: ZED truck-mounted articulated platforms, B-LIFT PRO-EASY truck-mounted telescopic platforms, B-LIFT MULTIPURPOSE truck-mounted articulated-telescopic platforms, and the TRACCESS tracked aerial access platforms.

CTE SpA would like to take this opportunity to inform its customers that the manufacture of truck-mounted and tracked access platforms are now carried out exclusively at the Rivoli Veronese plant.