A B-Lift 230 on a special track mounted vehicle in Russia

A special collaboration between CTE Russian dealer Ruskomtrans and Russian manufacturer of crawler tractors ZZGT for final customer MRSK (electricity company), has given rise to a very particolar track mounted vechicle with an aerial platform CTE B-Lift 230.

Telescopic aerial platform B-Lift 230 reaches 22 m of working height and an outreach of 10,4 m with a loading capacity of 250 kg: in this special project the plaftorm is built on a track mounted chassis with 2 links named GAZ-3344.

The tracks of the snowmobile are enriched with rubber pieces to allow road transit without damage to the asphalt. This vehicle can transit on forest roads and railway tracks that cross the embankment between swamps and forests (often in Russia are the only possible crossings in many areas). This vehicle will be irreplaceable in the energy sector of MRSK to carry out maintenance and repair.