PEOPLE ON THE MARKET: Michele Brucoli from Aerea Sud, Bari (Italy)

1. What is your main activity?
We deal hire, sale and aftersale service of aerial platforms.

2. When did you start?
We started in 1986.

3. How did your company evolved in these last years?
The changes have occurred slowly but steadily. We were always looking for new technologies about materials and people aerial lifting. In the meantime we’ve created complementary activities to satisfy the various needs of the market, and we’ve used all our resources.

4. Where do you work?
Aerea Sud works in the Italian south regions of Puglia, Campania, Calabria and Sicilia, besides the Adriatic regions, and also some little activities for foreign countries.

5. What is your policy regarding your competitors? Do you present to the market an image of company that understands the nature of the competition and that is proactive?
I don’t care too much about the competition, I firmly believe that a company should follow an individual development plan. My aim is to improve our company quality to offer a technical and competitive service, this thanks to my own experience and those of my team.

6. How has the market evolved recently?
The hires increase, but the sales decrease. This is due to the economic crisis.

7. How is the assistance service provided for your customers?
We pay a lot of attention to the purchases of the machines asking the manufacturers reliability and safety, monitoring and constant maintenance. Obviously, nobody is perfect! And for this reason we guarantee telephone availability of our technicians and a mobile workshop for Puglia region. Otherwise we collaborate with some company in the surroundings.

8. How big is your fleet?
We have a fleet of 146 machines composed by diversified technologies of material and people’s aerial lifting.

9. What type of machine do you own?
We own truck-mounted aerial platforms, selfpropelled diesel and battery, track-mounted spider lifts, hydraulic cranes, removal lifts, mini excavators, mini skid loaders, mast climbers ascending and descending, sets, fixed and rotating telehandlers and various construction equipment.

10. What is your “recipe for success” – what values are important in your daily work?
My recipe is the stimulus to deliver to my children a company that will give satisfaction to them equal to what I had.

11. How many CTE platforms do you own?
Starting from the various CTE brand and the Effer brand, we own truck-mounted aerial platforms, removal lifts, selfpropelled aerial platforms and hydraulic cranes. Overall 21 machines.

12. What were the reasons for purchasing CTE platforms?
In my experience, the final customer that has bought a CTE aerial platform, then normally asks for other CTE products ‘cause he knows their functions. It is also very important in the choice the capillary diffusion of CTE in Italy.

13. What characteristics make CTE platforms winners?
I believe that there’s not only one reason, but CTE products are the most popular, widely used and succesfull in the industrial plants.

14. What do your customers want in a platform? What is driving their choice, today?
In the last years, it’s the price, unfortunately.


16. Renting is your profession, but what are your hobbies?
Always my job.

17. Do you think that there are similarities between work and private life?
Yes, they match and I firmly believe that this happens always.

18. What is the greatest satisfaction you have experienced both in the workplace and at home?
Talking about my job, I’m very proud to have been one of the first in Italy to believe in the aerial platforms, ‘cause in the past people considered aerial platforms like “new technology”. I invested money on this choice. I left my “so-called” safe job– as an operator of construction machinery for an important Italian company – and then I started a new experience that at the beginning was uncertain, but in which I believed deeply.
My biggest satisfaction is to had push for safety culture in the lifting area many years ago, and to give to my sons Tina, Cristina and Giuseppe the aim of improve this culture in the future.

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