PRIMO PIANO: Increasingly versatile!

Let’s do this exercise together. Try to imagine yourself on board of your platform and in a place with little space to maneuver, tight, and maybe even on hilly terrain.

Probably almost immediately you’ll feel the need to have a very compact, with minimum encumbrance on the roadway and, especially, that allows stabilisation in an alternative way than usual, for example on one side only or in shape, to occupy the least possible space.

ZED 20.2 HV is the product that meets these needs, with 4 different stabilisation areas depending on the space available and with capacity and outreach performances very competitive.

In the standard configuration with extended jacking (2,9 m of encumbrance), max capacity is 300 kg and max outreach 9,2 m. In the configuration with stabilisers on one side only (right or left), the working area allows maximum capacity and outreach only on one portion (40°+160°) that is mainly on the stabilisation side, and on the other (160°) allows reduced capacity and outreach, respectively 120 kg and 5,5m.

In the narrow jacking configuration (without horizontal emission of the stabilisers, in a minimum footprint on the roadway <2,1 m) the maximum capacity of 300 kg and the maximum outreach are also in the rear portion of the platform, with a radius ranging from 40° to the left and 40° to the right. The machine actually is able to work with full extension of the arm and with 300 kg capacity in a limited arc while being completely in shape. For the remaining area (280°), always with narrow stabilisation, the capacity reaches 120 kg with 5,5 m of outreach.