IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Turn on the lights in your city

We all know the importance of lighting in the cities and the charm that lights and Christmas lights have on those living in or visiting the towns. But one thing we generally forget is that the lights, because of the function they perform (light), are positioned in height and require also maintenance.

CTE truck-mounted aerial platforms are the ideal ally for lighting systems maintainars, provisional or temporary or final, and they are suitable to operate in the city thanks to their versatility.

These are the features that make CTE platforms ideal for ligthing systems maintenance:

H STABILISATION: our ZED models with H stabilisation allow to stabilise the plaftorm overcoming hilly terrain up to 220 mm. They are the optimal solution for working on not perfectly flat ground or along the sidewalks.

VARIABLE STABILISATION: ZED 20.2 HV model with variable stabilisation allows to stabilise the platform also in narrow spaces thanks to the narrow jacking configuration, on right or on left, extended, ideal for working in towns, along busy streets, along sidewalks.

JIB: ZED 21 JH and ZED 23 JH models have the jib, an extension of the boom that allows to overcome obstacles and reach points of difficult access. This is a precious help for installation and maintenance of insignia and light systems near roofs, trusses and subways.

CAPACITY 300 KG: ZED models with increased capacity allow you to work at height with a maximum capacity of 300 kg, 2 people + working equipment. This feature is ideal for maintenance operations that need heavy equipment.