STRANGE AND INTERESTING APPLICATIONS: ZED platforms in the backstage of the new tv adv of McDonald’s Italy

Shooted in the Italian cities of Naples, Rome, Florence and Milan, the new tv adv of McDonald’s Italy joined the support of 2 CTE ZED truck-mounted platforms: 6 graffiti artists have realized live a painting on 250 sqm in Martiri Square in Naples. They worked at a maximum height of 24 m and on a surface of 14×16 m.

Our ZED 20 CH and ZED 26 JH, rented by our subsidiary Elevateur in Naples (, have given a support in working at height.

ZED 20 CH (now replaced by ZED 20.2 H) reaches 20 m of working height, 9,2 m of outreach and 200 kg of capacity. Thanks to its compactness and to the H stabilisation, it is ideal for operations in narrow spaces like towns center or along sidewalks.

ZED 26 JH reaches 26 m of working height, 14 m of outreach and 230 kg of capacity. H stabilisation, with conntecting rods – patented by CTE, allows a stabilisation excursion up to 220 mm, ideal for hilly terrain and sidewalks.