CTE and its products have landed on app

Technical information, pictures and video handy on smartphone and tablet, to stay up to date with technology: Easy Catalogue is born

Now you can have technical information, pictures and demonstration videos of aerial platforms always handy even on your smartphone and tablet.

To feel closer to its customers, CTE has realized an app for iPhone, iPad and Android called Easy Catalogue. Very easy to use, it looks like a “catalogue” that you can view anytime and without internet connection, with intuitive controls, cool graphic and fast contents navigation. The name “Easy” comes from the pay-off (or better the philosophy) that belongs to the company logo: Work Becomes Easy.

The basic idea is to be always close to the customers and support them with immediate information and technical documentation with fast usability.

Easy Catalogue recognizes the language of the operating system of the device on which has been installed and automatically organizes the material in the language of the user (up to 7 languages), with a support of English language.

In the iPhone version there is also a dealer locator that allows you to find CTE dealers in the world.
Now you can download the iPhone version directly from AppStore, the Android version from Play Store, whereas the iPad version is available on request. All the versions are free of charge.

CTE is the first operator of the aerial platforms area that has developed an app, and is in the forefront of the communication world, always putting in the foreground the value of customer support.