IN THE SPOTLIGHT: ZED 14.2 the super compact!

Always focused on global markets needs, CTE has designed a new aerial platform for the developing markets: its name is ZED 14.2, direct descendant of ZED 14, the smallest of the ZED articulated platform range. The .2 version means the evolution of the structure that can be assembled on a double cab truck, ideal for transportation of more people and material, like the Nissan Crew Cab 3,5 ton.

ZED 14.2 reaches 13,9 m of working height, 5,7 m of outreach and 230 kg of capacity in the basket. It’s a super compact machine that is able to meet the various needs of the construction sites, like maintenance at small height as bridges, lighting, electrical installations, or for green maintenance, on the streets or in the parks.

Vehicle dimensions are very compact: the truck is only 5 m long and 2,73 m height. The 4 stabilizers are hydraulic vertical type HS+HS. The basket, with ± 65° of rotation, can be realized in fiber glass to have insulation from electricity (on demand, insulation up to 20 kv). Controls are positioned both on the ground and on the basket.

ZED 14.2 represents the ideal solution for sites that required compact dimensions of the trucks although capacious, and increased loading capacity.