CTE finalizes the opening of its new branch in Denmark

Based the new company named CTE Danmark A/S for truck-mounted B-Lift and Zed brands and for spider lift Traccess brand.

CTE comes back in Denmark with a new company named CTE Danmark A/S, based in Næstved.
CTE Danmark A/S deals with the following CTE families: Zed (truck-mounted articulated platforms – working height from 14 to 32 m), B-Lift (truck-mounted telescopic and Multipurpose platforms, working height from 14 to 23 m), B-Lift High Range (truck-mounted telescopic platforms, working height from 39 to 61 m), and Traccess (track mounted aerial platforms, working height from 13 to 23 m), with after sales service covering all the Danish area.

Hans Erik Nielsen, Director of CTE Danmark A/S, is very excited about this project and to be working with a leading world manufacturer, with a remarkable production capacity and that has proven to be at the forefront with high quality products. He says: “I think that construction of CTE platforms is stable and can carry full load in the basket in the entire working area with no limitations. This is important for our customers as it becomes possible for them to carry both workers and tools up to various tasks in working places with restricted accessibility. It is also important that the CTE lifts have the right price positioning and are simple to use for the customers. This is why we have started CTE DANMARK A/S.”

CTE continues with the reinforcement campaign in Europe with the addition of a strategic partner, not only for Denmark but potentially also for Scandinavian region.

Direct link to the CTE video: http://youtu.be/EEkYujZHOZ0