VIDEO – In the CTE backstage: from production to customer delivery

The corporate video shows the company open doors

Company values, innovation and technology are the main protagonists of the corporate video realized by CTE with the aim to show with open doors the daily aerial platforms production, the company core business for more than 30 years.

Like a big brother’s eye, the shooting was done in offices, plants, warehouses, and then for test phases and final delivery to customers.

The screenplay starts with the tale of the company philosophy WORK BECOMES EASY, realistically represented by an operator involved in pruning, where ergonomics and easy of use are well represented.
The shooting is then focused on the various activities in the company premises, and shows the born of an aerial platform, starting from the production, the assembly, the tests and the final delivery to the costumer.

The wide range of CTE platforms, from truck-mounted to fire-fighting to spiderlifts, is present.

As far as product design is concerned, in the video has been introduced the recent cooperation with the Italian School of Design, a group of young minds that is studying an innovative and creative design, to reinforce the brand image of CTE and obtain a better visibility of products.

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