SAIE preview: news for ZED and PRATIKA ranges

With a 250 square meters area (Outdoor area 48 – Booth C27-C35) shared with EFFER , CTE will renew its presence at SAIE Exhibition (Bologna, Italy – from October 22nd to 25th), and will show in preview ZED 20.2 EASY, truck-mounted aerial platform presented on the market recently, together with the new removal lift Pratika 240 RL. On display also a spiderlift Traccess 170, a Genie scissor GS 4047 and a 30/20 N RJ.


ZED 20.2 EASY, the aerial platform ideal for rental fleets, with intuitive electro-hydraulic fully proportional controls, with or without load cell, in accordance with EN 280:2013. Reaches 20 m of working height, 9 m of outreach, and up to 300 kg of capacity (200 kg without load cell and aluminum basket – 250 kg with load cell and Fiberglass basket). This new model is derived from the well known ZED 20.2, with fully electro-hydraulic proportional controls and the same superstructure made of innovative 2 mm SSAB steel with significant weight GVW saving. The difference between the ZED 20.2 models are for the following features: tighter A+A stabilization, 2.100 mm of width in transit position and ±310° turret rotation. It also features a magnetic sensor for the arm support, a new display in the truck cab and new signaling led for stabilizers in ground controls. In this way, this model is already in accordance with EN 280:2013 and certificated.
• PRATIKA 240 RL, the removal lift with a new system that avoids the ladder compaction problem in height and that allows the use of the elevator without brakes. This enhancement makes the ladder more practical and easy to use. It reaches 24,30 m, with variable capacity of 230/200 kg. Power supply of 1,2 kw. It occupies a small area of ground stabilization.
Moreover, the frame is built entirely in aluminum with increased beams to avoid twisting, the shaft attack is located on the ladder block, and the magnetic limit switch doesn’t require maintenance.

TRACCESS 170, the spider lift that reaches 17 m of working height, 200 kg of capacity and 7,5 m of outreach. Compactness is the keyword: “only” 800 mm width and 1999 mm height allow transitioning also through the doors and utilization in narrow spaces. It’s agile on rough terrain and easy to carry on truck.

We’ll wait for you in outdoor area 48, stand C27-35.