Pianoplan tutorial video

The stairclimber ideal for handling bulky objects is now in a tutorial video that shows the easiness of use

With the increasing popularity of social networks that make extensive use of video and images, tutorial videos came quickly in our way of learning. With the aim to show how to use Pianoplan, the stairclimber for handling bulky objects like pianos, safes, archives, drinks distributors, CTE has realized the first of a series tutorial video about the product.

In a little more than 2 minutes the video shows the main characteristic of Pianoplan, a basic guide for handling it and to anchor the object to be transported.

Familiarization with Pianoplan is fast and easy. There are only 4 controls for moving objects up to 600 kg: a joystick combined with a control for moving the platform forward, another one to move it back, a third control for lifting it and a fourth to put it down.

Enjoy our video!