New tutorial video for Pianoplan Vertical

CTE continues to realize tutorial videos for Pianoplan range, the stairclimber ideal for handling bulky objects 

Following the on-line publication of the first tutorial video about Pianoplan Standard (, CTE continues to focus on its stairclimbers range, in the specific on Pianoplan Vertical. In a little more than 3 minutes the video shows the main characteristic of Pianoplan, a basic guide for handling it and anchoring the object to be transported.

In this video, Pianoplan Vertical has transported a big refrigerator, so not only pianos. Pianoplan is the ideal ally to transport also safes, copiers, archives, drinks distributors.

Familiarization with Pianoplan is fast and easy. There are only 4 controls for moving objects up to 600 kg: a joystick combined with a control for moving the platform forward, another one to move it back, a third control for lifting it and a fourth to put it down.

Enjoy our video!