PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Interview with Katy Pereira from Caribloc

In this issue we’ve interviewed Ms Katy Pereira, general manager of Caribloc, from the beautiful Martinique island.

1. What is your main activity?
We are a rental and sale company, focused also on building material and maintenance repairing. Rental is our main activity.
Since 2005, we are CTE distributors in Martinique and we offer rental service for truck-mounted ZED and spiderlift TRACCESS platforms, in addition to selling the full range of CTE products. We guarantee after sales service and maintenance for all the products we sell.

2. When did you start?
Our family was the first to start the hiring of building material in Martinique, my father founded Caribloc in 1990 and I have succeeded when in 2012 he left the company.

3. How did your company evolved in these last years?
The evolution of the French rules on safety for working at height has allowed us to develop the rental platforms business, specifically for ZED and TRACCESS. But it was in 2007, as a result of the hurricane Dean which affected Martinique, the platform market experienced a boost. At that time, customers have been equipped with ZED 20 E platform especially for pruning and electrical work.
The model with a working height of 20 m is the best seller in Martinique, despite the model ZED 21 J is very popular for painters and illuminated signs installers.
From 3 years, to complete our offer, we have developed a range of compactors from 3 to 5 tons and of mini excavators from 2.5 to 5 tons.

4. Where do you work?
We are based in Martinique and work throughout the region. Some of our clients work with our equipments also in some nearby islands: Dominica, Saint Lucia and Guadalupe.

5. What is your policy regarding your competitors? Do you present to the market an image of company that understands the nature of the competition and that is proactive?
Our priority has always been our customer satisfaction. We follow the evolution of products and renew our fleet regularly to offer our customers the products that better suit their needs and at the best price.
We believe in spreading Caribloc service quality following closely our customers, day and night.

6. How has the market evolved recently?
The sales of ZED platforms decreased after 2010, as a result of the strike of February 2009 during which people blocked all production activities in Martinique for more than a month.
Customers were cautious and preferred to rent or purchase second hand equipments, postponing the purchase of new vehicles. Since 2014, customers have begun to renew their fleets and purchase new platforms. The most important current site in the island started in 2012, it is the TCSP (Transport en Commun en Site Propre) and it allowed us to develop our range of machines for the terracing and compaction.

7. How is the assistance service provided for your customers?
In addition to the sale and rental, we offer our customers aftersales service and repair. In our workshops we take care of the maintenance of the products that we sell. On customer request, our technicians are also involved in support in construction site. Assuming that problems linked to the fact that Martinique is an island, it is essential to propose a comprehensive after-sales service with an adequate supply of spare parts.

8. How big is your fleet?
As for lifting, our rental fleet consists of 4 truck-mounted articulated platforms ZED, 1 spiderlift TRACCESS and 2 self-propelled Power Tower as well as some scaffolding and platforms vertical scissor.

9. What type of machine do you own?
We offer all kinds of material for construction, public works, aerial work … complete ranges for vibration, concrete, pumping, compaction, demolition, cutting. From the small to the largest tool, such as compactors from 5 ton, mini excavators, loaders as well as generators and utility vehicles.

10. What is your “recipe for success” – what values are important in your daily work?
We listen to our customers needs to recommend the solution that best meets their needs. Regularly we renew our fleet and suggest to our customers to follow a maintenance program. I believe that our responsiveness and quality of service are our strengths because we can always offer a solution for our customers. Personally, what it is important and gratifying is knowing that my machines contribute to the growth of Martinique.

11. How many CTE platforms do you own?
Since 2005 they were sold in Martinique more than forty CTE platforms. The rental fleet as mentioned consists of 7 platforms CTE.

12. What characteristics make CTE platforms winners?
The steel, the load capacity in the basket and the outreach are the strengths of the ZED truck-mounted platforms. Then, ZED platforms are simple to use and maintain.
The 20 m platform, the most sold in Martinique, is very versatile: it can be used for electrical work, cleaning and painting, illuminated signs installing and pruning.

13. What do your customers want in a platform? What is driving their choice, today?
Customers demand quality product at the best price. They want easy platforms that allow them to save time. For example, painters ask for platforms that have significant height and outreach to avoid the use of scaffolding.
Companies that deal with lighting require platforms that allow to work without encumbering road traffic. And all of our customers seek security above all!