Did you know that about a third of accidents related to the use of MEWP concern the activities of loading, unloading and transport, and involving the drivers of vehicles carrying MEWP?

We are talking about drivers carrying self propelled MEWP, which as we all know can not be driven on the road and must be transported in vehicles of various types, like other construction earth-moving machinery (excavators, loaders, graders).

In fact, the drivers that transport MEWP in the yards are not limited to the activity of driving but also carry out the operations of loading and unloading.

Given these elements, IPAF has established a specific course, in addition to other available from authorized training centers, intended for those involved in the loading and unloading of MEWP.

In addition to analyze some issues regulations and laws (including the Highway Code), the course focuses on the identification and evaluation of risks associated with loading, unloading and places where these activities are carried out, and the identification of PPE required and how to reduce risks.

Then attention focuses on operating procedures related to the load to begin the inspection of the vehicle and the vehicle to be loaded, the identification of gravity and positioning the vehicle for proper load distribution and distribution on the axles and the load modality.

Last but not least the part of the course related to the types of vehicles, fasteners and locking of the load including multiple loads. The theoretical part concludes by analyzing the discharge procedures including multiple loads with successive discharges in more yards.

After the theory test, carried out with a multiple choice questionnaire, the course continues in outdoor area with practical exercises relating to the monitoring and unloading, loading and securing. Then the interesting part concerning the methods of fixing both with the use of chains with straps in various configurations for the load distribution among the various devices used.

In this way, IPAF increases its contribution to the improvement of safety on construction sites and in the workplace in the handling and transport of MEWP and other work equipments proposing to train operators and drivers about the correct safety procedures for loading, unloading, fastening machinery before or after the transport on road.

CTE, IPAF’s certified training center, has introduced this new training course in its year planning for Italian customers.