CTE is the first Italian MEWPs manufacturer awarded by SSAB with “My Inner Strenx” certification

Increasing section strength while reducing its weight. Until few years ago, it was just the dream of every MEWP manufacturer; a slow evolution of performances limited by material properties. But sometimes innovation gets a strong push by technological revolutions.
But in 2012 CTE met Swedish Steel manufacturer SSAB and its cold laminated high strength steel Strenx, one of the best high strength steel on the market.

Thanks to a strong relationship and unprecedented support, CTE in June 2012 developed the first MEWPs with SSAB new structural steel, and then in October 2012 developed the new Zed 20.2H, the MEWP with 2 mm thickness boom sections, a revolutionary aerial platform, capable of 20 m working height, 9.2 m unrestricted outreach and 300 kg nominal load, on a 3.5 Tons truck.

Since then, collaboration between CTE and SSAB has grown stronger, driving to two more platforms with revolutionary performances, the Zed 21.2 JH and the Zed 23.2 JH, again on a 3.5 Tons truck.

It was a simple choice for SSAB to award, for the first time in the Italian MEWP market, to CTE, its “My Inner Strenx” certificate.
The “My Inner Strenx” program includes multi-modal partnership from a technical, branding and marketing point of view, between the two companies, with a very catching pay-off “Think Thinner – get stronger”.

The SSAB “My Inner Strenx” certification adds another important milestone to CTEdedication to quality, innovation and imagination.

For more info and to see the videos of the platforms mentioned in the press release: