First B-Lift 390 High Range in Germany

Great achievement for the CTE B-Lift High Range brand: CTE’s German dealer,Hematec Arbeitsbühnen GmbH, has taken delivery of a 39 m platform from the CTEhigh range and will start a demo tour in German area soon.

The dealership agreement between CTE SpA and Hematec Arbeitsbühnen GmbHstarted 10 years ago and historically has had as its object the Zed brand (truck-mounted articulated aerial platforms from 14 to 32 m of working height), B-Lift (truck-mounted telescopic aerial platforms and Multipurpose from 14 to 23m of working height) and Traccess (track mounted self-propelled platforms from 13 to 23 m of working height), with after sales service.
With the delivery of the truck-mounted platform B-Lift 390 High Range in Germany,CTE writes the first page of a new history for its high range truck-mounted platforms (from 39 m to 61 m of working height) in German area, thanks to the confidence of Hematec in its products and the peculiarities of the model purchased.
Andreas Hänel, owner of Hematec Arbeitsbühnen GmbH, says: “The compact configuration, the increased capacity in the basket, the stability of the platform, as well as the various applications that this platform allows thanks to the triple extension of the jib, are the main characteristics that captured us”.
B-Lift 390 High Range offers 600 kg of capacity at 39 m working height. Mounted on Mercedes Antos 2 axles GVW 18tons, reaches 26,3 m of outreach. This platform has a main telescopic boom with 3 elements (main boom + 2 extensions), extra long jib with double extension and 180° swiveling angle, secondary jib with 180° swiveling angle. Regarding the capacity in the platform, it has an automatic limiting device controlling outreach according to the platform weight and stabiliser variable configuration. Controls are proportional electro hydraulic with simultaneous maneuvers (ergonomic joysticks). There are a vehicle cab anti-collision device and an intercom communication device integrated on control station. Engine start/stop control from the basket and ground. There is also a lock system of the basket during transport.
B-Lift 390 High Range belongs to the CTE’s High Range with B-Lift 430 High Range (42,5 m of working height with 600 kg of capacity), B-Lift 510 High Range (50,5 m of working height with 600 kg of capacity) and B-Lift 620 High Range (61 m of working height with 600 kg of capacity).