First Traccess 135 in Norway

INSTANT NORGE AS takes delivery of the first CTE spiderlift: it’s the first Traccess 135 in Norway

The new partnership between CTE and the Norwegian company Instant Norge AShas achieved the first delivery: the first Traccess 135 in Norway.

The company, that operates in aerial working sector and materials for the building, after the delivery has said: “We are very pleased and excited to be working with CTEand their products. We are confident that their spiderlifts are built with quality and functionality in mind. The Traccess 135 is a perfect entry-point lift which fits the Norwegian market well, as we have many small and medium construction companies that needs an agile lift that can cover several tasks.”

Traccess 135 reaches 13 m of working height, 6,5 m of outreach, 200 kg of capacity. It’s the ally for green maintenance, since it can works also on rough terrain thanks to the tracks. Cables and chains are inside the boom, to avoid damages during working operations. The dimensions are very compact and allow to cross through standard doors. Besides, the 200 kg loading capacity is allowed on the whole working area and makes this platform ideal for hire, thanks to the ease of use.

The partnership has as its object the brand Traccess (tracked aerial platforms with working heights from 13 to 23 m), B-Lift (truck mounted platforms telescopic Multipurpose with working heights from 14 to 23m) and Zed (aerial platforms truck-mounted articulated with working heights from 14 to 32 m), and includes also After sales support.

Product quality of Traccess spider lifts, and of all CTE platforms in general, has driven the choice of Instant Norge AS that has appreciated in the Italian company the high level of technical competences, high accuracy in the offered documentation and, above all, the customer oriented approach.

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