PEOPLE ON THE MARKET – Interview to Alessandro Buso from Cofiloc

In this issue, we’ve interviewed Mr Alessandro Buso from Cofiloc, an Italian group specialized in aerial platforms rental and more…

1. What’s your main activity?
We deal with machinery rental for earth moving, lifting, construction and trucks.

2. When did you start?
Cofiloc was founded in 1980, when the concept of rent was at the beginning in the construction sector.

3. How did your company evolve in recent years?
In the eighties, the construction sector were accompanied by the lifting sector, then the earth moving, trucks and after the accessories.

4. Where do you work?
We are working in the whole north of Italy. Cofiloc is based in Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna and Lombardia with 10 rental points.

5. How is the service for your customers being handled?
In a sector like rental, service can only be at 360°, from advice in selecting the machine until his retirement at the end of work. In between there are timely delivery, on-site assistance, emergency services, continuing review of the machines to ensure they are always fully efficient and safe.
For this, all our branch is organized with technical workshops and mobile workshops, to ensure a consistent service, fast and high-quality.

6. How big is your fleet?
Today our rental fleet is composed by more than 3.200 machines.

7. What types of machines do you own?
In all four divisions and accessories segment – surely one of the most complete on the market – the offer is wide and growing: from the lows to large excavators, from truck to vertical, from the articulated telescopic. We can meet all needs in various contexts of the construction site. A concrete example is the development of the segment “Maintenance of green and territory” in which we are investing – rewarded with success – a lot of energy.

8. What is your “recipe for success” – which values are important in your daily work?
Cofiloc is the first independent group in Italy. Not for numbers, but for service quality that our customers recognize in us. The other ingredients are: innovation, research and a youth, skilled and motivated team of employees. Our goal is not “to rent machines,” but helping companies to grow, to be efficient and productive, and thus create value from their work.

9. How many CTE platforms do you own?
We own 20 CTE aerial platforms.

10. Che cosa ha determinato la scelta di acquisto di piattaforme CTE?
We have chosen CTE for product innovation, one of the main and well-known characteristics of CTE.

11. What do your customers want in a platform? What is driving their choice, today?
Our customers need platforms easy&fast to use.


11. Renting is your profession, but what are your hobbies?
I have a lot of passions, but the first is to travel.

12. Qual è la soddisfazione più grande che hai ricevuto in ambito lavorativo e in ambito privato?
My bigger satisfaction is always to reach my goals within December, 31st.