New logo, new website and new corporate identity for CTE

CTE writes a new page in its history: the company comes up with a new image. And coming soon also the change of livery for the articulated and telescopic truck-mounted platforms  ZED and B-LIFT, and spiderlifts TRACCESS. 


CTE is ready to start 2016 with a series of important innovations: the restyling of the company logo, a new website and a renewed corporate identity.
To best explain these changes, we decided to do our talking in the first person.
Our company is in a major period of change. After 35 years on the market, we felt the strong need for renewal: not only purely image, but that conveys the full change we are experiencing, related to our products and our way of doing business.
We did not want literally a NEW logo, but we were directed to a redesign of our logo, known for many years. The icon representing the elephant is always present but with a look “rejuvenated”. The font was chosen with a more modern and communicative style, linked to the shapes of our products. Our pay-off “Work Becomes Easy” has remained, to continue to communicate in a strong and effective way our mission, ie “make work easier”, and not only, to represent a way of being, living, working.
Then the change is there, but took place in continuity with our history. There are not cut with the past, and we decided to take a step forward remembering who we are and who we were.
After 4 years, we have also decided to refresh our website. The new was thought in a logic responsive, adaptable graphically to each device (computer, tablet, smartphone).
We introduced new sections and enhanced existing ones to speak more and better about us: who we are, who are our customers and what they think of us, our history with our “numbers”, our products presented in a e-commerce style inspired and many services.
To improve our communication flow with our customers, it will soon be active “MY CTE” section, containing information of products, service and training. In the Social Wall section are visible and grouped all activities pertaining to the social world, Facebook and YouTube in the first place.
At the moment Italian and English languages are active, soon will be available also other languages.
Even the corporate identity, from business cards to commercial documents to the technical product, reflect the process of renewal, getting a general image coordinated.
At the next edition of Bauma in Munich (11-17 April), in the wake of this change, we will see the restyling of the livery of our products, from articulated and telescopic truck-mounted platforms ZED and B-LIFT, and the spiderlifts TRACCESS, following the support of the ITALIAN SCHOOL OF DESIGN, young and fresh minds, which revised the aesthetics of our platforms to achieve greater “visibility of the product” and making it stronger and recognizable identity.
It is not the first time that we change our look and will not be the last, but we think the news today reflects the ways in which CTE works, and will continue to work in the future to its customers.