CTE UK at Vertikal Days 2016

CTE UK are again displaying at Vertikal Days 2016 (booth 303), and can be identified by the new corporate identity.
The Logo, website, communication, product literature are the first items featuring the restyling, conceived in harmony with the “Work Becomes Easy” philosophy. The change in design took place in continuity with the company history.
As far as products on display, CTE UK will show 3 truck-mounted platforms: a CTE B-LIFT 17E, a CTE B-LIFT 27 and a CTE ZED 21.2 JHV. These 3 models were first revealed at their world premiere at Bauma in April 2016.
Regarding the CTE B-LIFT products, the range now shows a change of the model designation, identified now by 2 numbers, which refers to the overall working height of the machines in the range. The evolution of the range starts with the use of the high performance SSAB Strenx steel allowing reduced material thickness and weight of the boom but maintaining the same high performance.
Furthermore we have revolutionized the electrical and hydraulic systems with the introduction of a CAN BUS management system and a new hydraulic management system. This new system gives the operator more flexibility in the operation of the new all electronic machines, with fully proportional electro-hydraulic controls, variable engine speed depending on the used manoeuvres, smooth manoeuvres with acceleration and deceleration ramp, and an electric PTO. In addition there is an innovative remote ground control console housed in a waterproof specific compartment on the platform decking. To assist with the management of service and maintenance , it was the aim of CTE to unify the hydraulic, electrical and electronic components of the CTE ZED and CTE B-LIFT truck-mounted access platforms to facilitate understanding, use and care, also the use of diagnostic tools to aid fault finding and overall to offer a unique brand experience to the customer and user.
Products on Display:
CTE B-LIFT 17E reaches 16.6m of working height, 11.3m of outreach and offers 250kg maximum basket capacity. The platform is made from 2mm SSAB Strenx steel. The “E” stands for the ecologic version of the platform, which offers a fully electric power pack, powered by batteries that allows you inside or in confined spaces where the need to work in a clean environment is required. The 500Ah batteries guarantee 1.5 hours of continuous work and then the battery pack can be recharged either from the engine/PTO or directly by plugging into mains power.
There will also be the new CTE B-LIFT 27, a straight telescopic truck-mounted platform that reaches 27m of working height and is the first CTE truck-mounted that reaches this height on a 3.5T GVW truck, & capable of being operated on a Category B driving license. The platform is fabricated from 1.5mm SSAB Strenx gauge steel, a great innovation by CTE. The maximum outreach is 13m with 80kg basket capacity, however the machine offers a maximum basket capacity of 230 kg.
Finally a new articulated truck-mounted platform CTE ZED 21.2 JHV will be shown, which offers the new stabilisation system named S3 (Smart Stability System), specifically designed for both the articulated CTE ZED and telescopic CTE B-LIFT platforms. A system that adapts in real time to the conditions of use, basket payload and geometry of the machine, this is done automatically and allows the user to take advantage of the full operational potential of each type of platform, irrespective of the vehicle characteristics on which it is mounted or the geometry of its superstructure.
CTE ZED 21.2 JHV reaches 20.6m of working height, 9.9m of outreach and 300 kg of max capacity. Stabilization is H-shape, variable and with S3.


We’ll wait for you at the booth 303!